The Product Development Division focuses on development and provision of experiences, services and infrastructure that exceeds customer expectations. With particular emphasis on the following:

  • Protecting our natural environment and culture.
  • Strengthening and building on tourism demand influencers.
  • A focus on shoulder and winter season.
  • Strengthening and building on destination areas.
  • Strengthening touring corridors and community hubs.
  • Generally upgrading and enhancing the market readiness of tourism products and services.
  • Improving traveller services and transportation infrastructure, most particularly ferry services and highway signage.
  • Strengthening the industry and government organizations.

Tourism products are the basis for a destination’s tourism sector operation: unless the tourism product meets the needs and expectations of tourists, the destination cannot realise its full potential. However, only few destinations focus their attention on the development and delivery of the various attractions and activities that make up the tourism product. At MABUDEG we combine the essential elements in the process of tourism product development planning and implementation, e.g. coordination, consultation, collaboration – co-opetition. We follow these principles through a range of successful approaches and case studies from around the world and set out best practice examples and benchmarks by which destinations can assess their own product development system and methods.