At MABUDEG we belive that Municipalities have the power to change the world. a municipality has a more direct and frequent contact with the population anf therefore can understand the needs and worries of its population better than the central government. We work together with municipalitis and municipal organizations around latin america to help in matters of economic development, tourism and growth forseing opportunities and creating jobs. These are some of the Municipalities and Organizations we have helped:

  • Asociación de Alcaldes
  • Guayama, Puerto Rico
  • Villalba, Puerto Rico
  • Consorcio Norte y Central
  • Consorcio Sur-Este
  • Comerío, Puerto Rico
  • Arecibo, Puerto Rico
  • Experiencia Puerto Rico Event

Once a year we hold the Experiencia Puerto Rico Event, where hundreds of mayors and municipal employees attend workshops and presentations and share their experiences and ideas with others around the World. The 2016 event was a total success and the 2017 is currently being planned for the 5 to 7 of April, 2017. Visit the website for more information: